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Gold Crest Plants

Over 35 years of perfecting our craft.

What Makes a Plant “Gold Crest”?

“Gold Crest” means the plants were grown to a much higher standard of quality and care than your average nursery stock.This requires years of expert nursery management experience, a dedication to the art of horticultural studies and a commitment to plant quality and survivability over just profits.

Some of Our Secrets:

UV Filtered Water
Our Custom Blend Soil & Fertilizer Mix
Premium Plant Stock
World-Class Nurturing, Trimming & Care

What Can You Expect from a “Gold Crest” Plant?

Healthier Plants & Stronger Roots
Better Transplanting with Successful Results
Uniform Size & Appearance Across Deliveries
Pre-Fertilized with Time-Released, Premium Nutrients

Look for Gold Crest Plants at your local home and garden centers.

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